Welcome to paolocastaldi.com

In this website I'm showcasing a "pot-pourri" of works done during the past years.
The images reflect different moments and emotions, they can be very different from one another and I consider this to be very positive.
Because I love photography and because photography can be a new experience every day.
At present I'm working on commercial photography, portraits and personal still life for exhibitions.


Our clients.

Acquamadre, Alcatraz, Amica, Anna, Bazaar Uomo, Beltmania, Biennale di Firenze, Calugi & Giannelli, Casa Vogue, Details, Diliar, Donna, Edizioni Moderne, Egg, Enny, Fabbri Editori, Festo, Follow Me, G.Q., Gem Montebello, Gianfranco Ferré, Gianni Versace, Grazia, Harper's Bazaar, Interview, Istante, Jack Blutharsky Group, Jan & Carlos, La Chiara di Prumiano, La Spinosa, Lei, Linea Italiana, Marketing & Trade, Missoni, Mondo Uomo, Moschino Jeans, Neiman Marcus, Olive Garden, Pellicce Moda, Pierantonio Gaspari, Pratesi Inc, Studio Solari, Tatler, The Independent, Uomo Mare, Vanity, Versus, Vogue, Vogue Accessori, Vogue Bambino, Vogue Gioielli, Vogue Pelle, 100 Cose.

Additional Projects.

Blue Box

Blue Box is a pool of photographers specialized in different working areas:
Fashion, Design, Interior decorations, Food and Portraits.
We also produce video and 360° Interactive panoramas as well as rotating images of products for web use.

Blue Box is also a webdesign studio as well as a visual databases management team.
Please visit us at bbx.it website

Archivio Alfa Castaldi

Archivio Alfa Castaldi is the archive of the works of the Italian photographer Alfa Castaldi.
Alfa has been a key figure for Italian Photography and his works are still widely acclaimed. We are constantly working on publications and exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

The online database stores a large selection of Alfa's works, biography and informations. Fine art prints of his works are also available.
Please visit us at alfacastaldi.com website

LateAndModern Gallery

LateAndModern is a collection of "collateral" works by some of the major Italian fashion photographers: personal shots, refused or unpublished pictures, tests and personal researches, "objets d'affection", "divertissements" and casual snapshots or polaroids.

Participants are: Maria Vittoria Backhaus, Alfa Castaldi, Gian Paolo Barbieri, Carlo Orsi, Giovanni Gastel, Piero Gemelli, Toni Thorimbert. Please visit us at lateandmodern.com website